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01 about

Tmolos Film is a Turkiye based company creating content about documentaries and fiction movies.  We are passionate about storytelling and dedicated to producing high-quality visual content that captivates audiences and brings stories to life on screen.

02 works

5 Centuries Later 4 Seasons in Istanbul from Sinan's Minarets 
Time lapse Documentary


Gardfren tells us Kemal's lonely journey in a cold winter day. Kemal is 30 years old and works as a gardfren (brake guard) in the railway. Kemal, in a place that is slightly bigger than a bier, goes along with isolated stations of Anatolia and the cold. He passed endless rail tracks, the same stations, the same streets and the same loneliness...

2,5 years long time lapse project which has been shot from 28 Minarets built by Mimar Sinan who is famous Ottoman Architect lived in 16th Century. 4 different music for each season composed by Can Erdoğan and Bratislava Studio Orchestra performed and  local instruments are played by Erkan Oğur ( Kopuz, Oğur, E-Bow ), Derya Türkan ( İstanbul Kemençesi ), Ertan Tekin ( Duduk ). Sponsored by Turkish Airlines and Sony Eurosia.

03 contact

Cüneyt Karaahmetoğlu
Owner, Director

Atilla Saatçi

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